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Principal's Message

Tom Sweeney, Principal

Dear parents, students, prospective students and cherished community members, I’d like to take a moment to welcome you to our website and to convey how much we appreciate your interest.


Here at the School of Extended Educational Options (SEEO), our purpose is simple; ensuring the physical, emotional and academic well-being of every student who walks through our doors, both on-campus and on-line. Thus, as a dependent charter school offered through the Pomona Unified School District, I’m pleased to work with a dedicated group of teachers and support staff who pull together to help our students realize their talents and experience success in school via SEEO’s state-of-the-art independent-study model. In doing so, we embrace the philosophy that while not all students learn the same, who they’re learning from can make all the difference in the world.


To that end, our students create personalized educational experiences where they must “own” their individual plan for success, but they are guided and supported throughout this process by a caring and respectful staff.  Through the use of individual work assignment agreements (WAAF’s), our teachers then support and engage students to demonstrate their learning through writing and various assessment activities such as Odysseyware or other similar programs. We also offer parents and students flexibility in where they decide to work with our teachers and support staff, either at our brand new on-campus satellites at the school of their residence or at the SEEO main campus in Pomona. Additionally, we’re also one of the only independent-study programs in all of Southern California to offer each and every one of our students a laptop and free Wi-Fi access.


At SEEO, our mission statement is to promote individualized education, foster independent thinking and provide all students the opportunity to become productive citizens… but it’s also to realize that it takes a team of compassionate adults to enable success and we strive to remember that, each and every day.


Yours in caring,


Tom Sweeney