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About Us

SEEO - School of Extended Educational Options

SEEO succeeds with at-risk students

  • SEEO students need an education alternative 
    that vastly differs from traditional school environment.
  • SEEO's safe and professional learning center is distinctly different in apperance and feel from traditional schools
  • SEEO students have the flexibility to schedule 
    twice-weekly meetings that work within their own schedule so they can work on a manageable number of subjects.
  • SEEO students can focus on specific subjects within a shorter passage of time.

SEEO Basics

  • Students are required to attend regularly scheduled appointments with teachers a minimum of one hour each class, twice weekly.
  • Students assessed as needing additional academic support attend additional small class instruction.
  • Students complete majority of work at home independently, and use the appointment time for asking questions, getting help and taking assessments.


    SEEO emphasizes the need for greater student contact and

                      involvement with teaching staff.

SEEO believes that students learn most effectively when:

  • Students take an active role in the learning process.
  • Students have an active, consistent and positive teacher-mentor.
  • Students are given an integrated academic approach, combining basic skills with meaningful, authentic tasks that they can appy to their own lives.
  • Students are assessed regularly to measure their development and acdemic growth.
  • Students can access both online and blended learning opportunities that meet their unique life circumstances