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Satellite Campus

Located on Pomona High School campus.


SEEO Satellite is now open on the Pomona High School’s campus! The format/schedule is the same as SEEO main campus so students attend two days/week for two hours…


The big difference is the 21 st Century Learning Setting:


  • ALL the curriculum is online
  • Teacher Specialist support
  • State of the Art technology
  • Modern and comfortable environment
  • Engaging field trips with real life connections


As an independent study, charter of Pomona Unified School District, what does that mean to students?


Options, choices, and flexibility!


With caring teachers and enrichment experiences, this program is designed to allow students to take independent study courses with blended learning choices or uniquely designed projects. Students can move ahead toward early graduation or get caught up on credits if need be. The program is designed to meet the individual student’s needs.


As an SEEO Satellite registered student on Pomona High’s campus, students can take advantage of PHS ROP classes (Auto Mechanics, Child Development, and Fire Science) and be able to participate in extracurricular activities- hence enjoying the activities of choice with the freedom that independent study offers.


We can accommodate busy lifestyles. Can’t make it in one week? No problem, with the SEEO issued laptop and hotspot you can access the curriculum 24 hours a day from wherever you are!