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Welcome to the Career Center!
My name is Natalie Johnson.  I am happily married with three adult children and two grandchildren.  My favorite pastimes are to travel and spend time with my grandchildren. I oversee a children’s Flag Ministry, teach Sunday School, and enjoy praise and worship.  I started working for PUSD in 2007 as a long-term sub at Diamond Ranch High School Career Center. I was a Career Tech at Ganesha in 2008 and worked for 10 years as a Career Tech at DRHS.
Working with high school students on a daily basis can be very rewarding. I look forward to each new school year and the new students that come with it.  I've built a number of relationships throughout the years; many have graduated and return to visit to share their accomplishments. I look forward to building relationships at SEEO while making a difference in our student's lives.