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ROP:  Business Classes

Mrs. Cardenas has 3 business classes:

Small Buiness Ownership

Chapter 5:  Develop a Business Plan



Work Experience


Rock and Roll Academy

Mr. Taeleifi has been in the entertainment industry, specifically in music, for the better part of 10 years. Spanning across multiple instruments, he is excited to get students interested and involved in their own musical endeavors through the Rock and Roll Academy class.


Rock and Roll Academy gives students at SEEO the opportunity to explore music at their own level and at their own pace.  The class offers students the ability to discover, practice and play music from all genres.  RnRA will allow students to create bands, pick music and practice in the class as well as preform at various functions.  Through this course, students will build not only their musical skills, but also skills in comradery and leadership as they navigate through the formation and preservation of a band of musical group.

Computer Programing (Coding)

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS while designing your own web page.  Learn how to create your own app.  As well as, learning SQL and Java computer languages.  Knowing how to code is the new requirement for 21st Century jobs.  There is a definite shift towards software-driven businesses. “I think what a lot of people don’t realize is how much you can do with coding,” Molica Sin (an Adobe Intern) said. “You can apply it to almost any industry, so if you have interests in art or fashion or even biology, you can really combine coding with anything.”

Horticulture (Gardening)



There is no act more gratifying, more basic, more liberating, than to coax food from the Earth. Time and the rhythms of nature become the ultimate template by which to live. Do it just to know that you can do it, or do it just to live or do it to save money. http://www.verdant.net/food.htm


Explore the joy of growing your own food hydrophonically (growing plants without soil) and aquaphonically (using fish waste and water to grow plants).  



Building robots combines engineering, computer science and just plain fun.  Anyone who has an interested in designing, building and programming their own robot is welcome to join this class.